AJ SCOUTS started in the year 2020. The name of the website came from the name of the owner, Adrian Joseph B. Beran, and the "Scouts" is because he has experience in end-to-end recruitment.

AJ was a Psychology graduate in San Beda College Alabang, and was President of the Bedan Psychological Society in 2019. He studied Industrial Psychology, and Organizational Psychology in his college years. During his On the Job Training, he was given an opportunity to be taught and practice in interviewing applicants and for end-to-end recruitment. He was also immersed in different tasks such as clerical and administrative. And after 5 months, he took the BLEPP exam, and is now a Licensed Psychometrician. That's why he can also administer and interpret tests.

The motto, "there is no Doubt", means that  Aj Scouts will really do his best on the tasks, projects, and hiring that will be given if you will work with us. With assurance, we practice here to work efficiently, and with the best of our ability to help and assist you to reach your goals.