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AJ Scouts offer End-to-end recruitment. In a lot of companies, all hiring process of applications are on hold. But what if the hiring resumes and you have no pooled applicants for interview and assessment? Well you have come to the right place. We will help you scout applicants. Not only for you to have a pool, but applicants with the best and appropriate skills, experiences, and qualifications in order to provide the best for the company.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT with Word Press experience

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Every company needs, assistance and extra help especially with a lot of projects to be done. Aj Scouts has the experience on clerical and administrative work. He also has knowledge in creating websites using Word Press.


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Companies use assessment to determine whether the applicant has the right qualification. But tests can be unreliable and invalid because of time and change in the skills of applicants. As a licensed Psychometrician, Aj Scouts has the skill to construct, validate, administer, and interpret tests that are needed in a company.

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