Tips on how to conduct End-to-end Recruitment

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The Human Resource department has a lot of facets. One facet is the Recruitment in which I really had fun with. Honestly, I never thought that I would like the work life in the corporate world at first. But then I experienced it, and I really enjoyed working in the HR department especially in recruitment setting.

Like all beginners, I didn’t have any idea on how to conduct end-to-end recruitment. But fortunately I was trained by my supervisor during my OJT. I have to admit that at first I really had struggles, mostly because of the interviewing part. I had my OJT in a BPO company, so all applicants really are versatile and in need of a job. I was so pressured because I have to communicate in english at all times and know what I am doing because I also conduct assessment tests for them. But thank God, as days pass by, I got the hang of it. What I learned during my OJT, I brought it and used it for my job as Recruitment Assistant. There, my skills were more defined and molded as my supervisor and co-workers helped me.

So let’s go to my tips. I’ll be discussing some of the steps on how to do the recruitment process the right way and to solve problems along the way. The first step of the process is POOLING. In order to pool a variety of applicants, you need first to make job ads, then market/post it on job sites like JobStreet and Indeed, and also to social medias. Then applicants will send their resumes and now you will have a pool. To really select applicants that are needed for the betterment of the company, you should practice the process of elimination. In this process, we should be able to identify and determine the standards, skills and qualifications of an employee in need. From there, you now select your potential employee.

The second step is ASSESSMENT. In assessment, there should be a test and then the interview. Make sure that the assessment is appropriate to the position for hire. My advise here is that when an applicant has a low score, but you really think that he/she has the potential, you may also conduct personality tests, wherein you can determine their behavior and how they work in the workplace. Now when they pass the test, you can proceed to the interview. Make sure that in interviewing the applicant, you will ask all the necessary questions needed in order for you to know and determine whether the applicant really has the potential. These are the topics that you can ask:

  • Name and Age
  • Permanent and present address
  • Marital Status
  • Ask about family
  • Ask for Diploma or certificates for vocational courses
  • For new grads, ask for OJT experience.
  • With work experience, ask for experience, and tasks in previous company and reason for leaving.
  • Ask for COE.
  • Additional questions:
    • Willing to work overtime?
    • Willing to work on holidays/weekends?
    • Willing to be trained?

If the applicant passed, then he/she is for Job Offer. Sometimes there will be problems in Job offers like, postponing it due to conflicting schedules of your boss. My advise is to message them to give an update about there job offer for like 2 to 3 times a week, and assure them that their position is secured. When Job offer is finished,  make sure to prepare all the requirements needed before the applicant will start to work. Give at least 1 or 2 weeks for them to prepare.

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