Psychometrician, Psychologist, and Psychiatrist: What are the differences among the three?

A lot of times, people have a misconception among Psychometrician, Psychologist and Psychiatrists. In this blog we will get to know the three more and in depth to understand their differences.

First is Psychometrician. When one is a licensed Psychometrician, they are given a title RPm. A Psychometrician is the one who can construct, administer, validate and interpret tests for educational, employment or professional credentialing purposes. In short, Psychomets are only for tests and interpretation based on standards of score in a test. In the Philippines, Psychometricans are not in need and are mostly looked down by people. Companies and clients in the Philippines should realize the importance of Psychomets, not only in the clinical setting, but also in different fields like in industrial settings.

Second is the Psychiatrist. When one is a Psychiatrist, they are given a title MD in Psychiatry. Psychiatrists are Doctors of medicine meaning after graduating college, they will under go medical school for another 5 to 6 years. Psychiatrist are the ones who has the right to diagnose a mental health disorder to a patient. They also can prescribe medicines.

Last is the Psychologist. A title of psychologists are RPsy. Psychologists are the ones who can perform and conduct therapy. If psychometricians interpret the tests of clients based on standards of score in a test, psychologist can evaluate the patient by conducting a clinical interview as well so that there will bea reliable and valid result which can lead to the proper therapy needed by the client.

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